March 4 “Yuk, Onshore Offshore make up ur mind”

Winds have been flipping all day long. Evening session started with a perfect waist to chest high wave and a beautiful offshore wind. 30 mins later it was hard side shore and low tide and the worst conditions ever. Looks like as I write this report the winds are offshore (7pm) . It will be a good time to hit Marbella or Negra area Monday. Watch the tides though. We should see an increase into tomorrow and a big swell headed here starting to show Thursday. THanks for checking us out and be sure to book ur private photography session

Finding Utopia is now available via the movie link at the top of the page. Watch it, Share it with the world, we have a High Defintion version available for download as well (it’s like watching a whole new movie compared to the free version) . For more of our movie works visit . We have started our newest film which should be ready in a few months.

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