March 5 “Nothing to see here”

Surf today is running Chest high on the sets with clean conditions and dirty water. Yup, the water seems to still have a touch of sickness to it. Redish brown and low tide making it even dirtier. Not sure if it’s that healthy but hell, I’m sure every surf school in the area will say “PURA VIDA” the water is fine. Give me ur money and take a surf lesson today.This town is full of self proclaimed environmentalist…. Either way you should go out at your own risk. I spent 24 hours vomiting last week during the same conditions, but that could have been my wife’s cooking. Who knows? Simply put, Would I paddle out? umm, Yup I would, and yup I did. Be ur own judge.

Looks like the surf should stay in the chest high range until Wednesday evening when it slightly increases. Come Thursday/Friday we should start to see a good size swell pushing through. Might be a good time to venture North Or South and find those secret spots on Fire. Guiones usually Closes out when it’s 6foot or bigger and South.

Alfredo took the photos below. Book us to shoot your session

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