March 7 “Nothing to Write Home About”

Surf’s not looking all that great and the crowds are making it pretty worthless early morning. Waist high with some chest high sets. Winds are onshore and surf schools are infesting Playa Guiones. I say let them have it today. Good day to get your surf school on or enjoy the sun if that’s what you are here for. It’s  very hot this time of year and lots of stingrays in the water. If you get stung like lots of people in the last few days, put really really hot water on it to draw the poison out. While peeing on your best friend’s swollen foot might sound like the right thing to do, I can promise it offers no relief from the pain, but it is pretty damn funny!

Photos will be slack this week due to my camera lens needing repair but Matt Vaughan should be in full force daily with North End photos. Catch up with him at RISING SUN CAFE (kayaSOL)!!!

Enjoy the week , share the waves, watch out for your shit because in the past week I have had a computer, camera lens, iphone, and my damn flip flops stolen! Welcome to Playa GUiones. .. Last year they stole my wife’s 4 wheeler. No matter how pretty this place is the simple fact is you’re eventually going to get robbed. People who tell you otherwise are simply full of shit trying to sell you something..

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