May 10 “Nosara Recycles”

Surf today is hardly worth mentioning. Waist high and soft. Looks for small conditions until next weekend.


I had the chance to make a video for a Nosara Recycling Center project. Like it or not, it’s hard to call yourself a surfer if you’re not into the environment. Us surfers are all part time weathermen and environmentalist. The message in this video is to recycle and compost. The runoff from organics causes big problems and it can be remedied by digging a small hole next to your porch and putting your food waste in it and rotating the dirt every week. I was raised composting and shoveling manure for gardens so it something I strongly recommend everyone doing . If your vacation rental doesn’t have this ask them to pay their gardener to make one. The flowers and fruits will thank you as well.

Every thing you put in your trash ends up in this one location. Long term solution is to have a proper land fill and recycling center. Short term is to dump it in another land fill but it would involve transportation fees etc… find out more how you can help visit


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