May 24 “Is it September already?

Imagine rainy season without the rain and that’s pretty much what the weather has been like lately. We get a few showers in the evenings but the days are grey and the surf is a mixed up onshore mess. I would give today a 1 star rating but hopefully things are about to change. We have a really nice big Swell headed this way and yes it’s going to be big and honestly no Guiones can’t normally hold these swell so expect really big closeouts with some fun days before it gets here and after it leaves. Also time to hit up some other spots.
Thanks to the chick in the photo below. I normally get emails asking to have asses removed from the girl’s page. She however wanted to know why hers didn’t make it. Well I can promise it was completely accidental because Matt Alfredo nor myself would hardly overlook such a serious subject. Your photo is first photo in today’s surf report…. Congrats!!!

Gallery photos from Alfredo and Matt:

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