May 26 “Glassy waist high surf”

Rained all night but that didn’t really mess up the form of the waves today. Problem is, while the form was good, there is no swell in the water making for some waist high mushy stuff. Looks like the evening might continue to disappoint to keep things consistently on the wrong track as far as May goes. Keep your fingers crossed for a increase into the evening though. If the rain holds off  there is a slight chance it might be fun. Sat and Sun look pretty good as well but like everything else it’s weather depending. I took today’s report photos while Matt and ALfredo enjoyed the day off. I got a skype saying that we shouldn’t surf today due to the hard rain last night. Um, it’s been raining for months and if you think chemicals are now running down the mountains and  are effecting the ocean’s salt water than you probably have bigger issues with your proclaimed clean drinking water.. I SAY GO SURF!!!! That’s why we have white blood cells anyways.

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