May 8 “Junk”

Onshore winds, bad tides, sideways currents, making for crap conditions. It’s a gamble these last couple of weeks. Today has pure rainy season feel to it with very little crowd around. If you did happen to surf we’ve got some great photos of you. Thanks to everyone buying photos and prints this week. It’s nice to be busy in May. We have lots in store this month so be sure to stay posted.

Special thanks to Del Mar Surf Camp Nosara for using Nosara Shack as their preferred photography service. Wanna learn to surf ? Check em out . Tica owned which means it’s operated by people who are actually from this country. Another one of our favorites is Nosara Tico Surf School. Support these local citizens because everyone else here is pretty much invading a foreign country and jacking the cost of living up so high you can barely afford gallo pinto..  I moved to Costa Rica 4 years ago  after many visits in hopes to enjoy and soak up the culture but it seems now a days you can’t even get the locals to speak Spanish.  Save Nosara from outer influences who dictate and monopolize this area. Wanna buy a house in Nosara, We recommend you go screw urself  if you’re not planning on occupying it more than half the year… Why we say this? Um because ur the biggest problem. Try living here and working honestly. No way to keep up with the cost of living… Did we mention Imperial is cheaper in the USA than in most stores in Nosara.! how exactly does that work?.  Okay,  now I shut up.. 😉

Peace and Love,  Go try to do something nice for someone other then urself at least once during today.
Enjoy, ~graham









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