May 8 ” Small and Fun”

Wait high today with some stomach high sets and a really good tide early morning making for a little Sunday funfest. Looks like the conditions will stay this way for a little while. Thanks to everyone for the support given to our freelance photographers. We make a honest living dong what we love and I really think it shows. I couldn’t ask for two more perfect people to work with when it comes to photography.

Matt Vaughan and Myself will be out of town most of the week so that leaves Vice President of Nosara Shack Industries “Alfredo Barquero” in full control once again. Hope this time he doesn’t tip the cops off like he did last report. Alfredo can be found on the beach early morning shooting photos of Del Mar Surf Camp along with a few other surf schools. Contact him directly to book a personal session
Enjoy the day and the photos~ graham

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