Nov 10 “Holding Size”

Today's Tide - Nosara Time Times for Nosara

Low 5:01AM 0.4m
High 11:19AM 2.3m
Low 5:15PM 0.4m
High 11:43PM 2.6m
First Light 5:12AM
Sunrise 5:34AM
Sunset 5:18PM
Last Light 5:40PM

A little smaller today but still some bombs rolling in. Foot to two overhead with hard blowing offshore winds. I Had baby sitting duties all day long but I did manage to snap a few photos around 11-12am. Looks like size will drop into next week where it is expected to get a little on the small size. Near next weekend we should Have another bump. Good news for tourist is a normal small day for us is still usually chest high.

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