Nov 11 “Offshore again minus the crowd”

Super low tide and hard winds early morning. Head high and some bigger sets. Really fast and hollow making for some great surfing and wipe outs. I shot from 7am-9am and Candice Storm shot after 9am. Looks like swell should size should drop until next week but don’t expect it to be bad at all. Actually, right now at 1pm it’s pretty much firing with two people out. So look forward to an incredible evening session. Two people stopped and asked me about doing photo subscriptions for locals (non Tico) and on the way home my assistant Candice told me she also talked with some people about it and it seems they pretty much were into it. With that said I decided why not try to make it painless and simple for locals to get their images. If you look to the right there is now a subscription button. You simply sign up for the subscription you want. Weekly,monthly, or yearly . Once you subscribed you will be billed accordingly and have the option to cancel at any moment. If you do not wish to use online services we are always down with good old cash. simply send us an email and we can make it happen After you subscribe you get a Coupon Code which makes EVERY IMAGE in the surfing gallery FREE. We are also stoked to say if you use this same code you can download any image (birds,plants, etc) in the surfing gallery to use on ur website or whatever as well. (only one code per surfer though, we get emails from each individual sale via smugmug).. So hit us up if you have any questions.

Enjoy the photos from me and check out Candice’s via the facefart fan page ~graham

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