Nov 12 “Surf’s Up Bro,dood,mae, or whateva”

Man, the surf is small but damn it’s firing for the size. Offshore winds and micro barrels. Chest high with some shoulder high sets and a pretty low tide early morning. I took more photos today than I normally do and have them all being uploaded into our smugmug galleries. For all the inquires about purchasing your photos, it’s really simple visit the find your photos link at the top or give us a call 26820956 and we can burn you a disc.

Looks like size will stick around into tomorrow then drop a little but by mid next week it should improve to head high and bigger. Sunny + 80-90 degrees air temp + 80 degree water temp = Life is good

P.S. Coming down in the next two months? What to bring? Wetsuit 1mm top cause it gets super chilly with offshores, Sunscreen, flash light, and something for the dust (bandanna and shades).

enjoy the photos and hit us up with any questions

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