Nov 14 “Lay Day Main Break”

Today is a lay day for main break. The daily surf contest will resume tomorrow at normal time. Normal time being whenever there is a camera around is when the heat starts. For those of you just joining us here at you might not understand my sarcasm or anything going on with this website but it’s pretty simple. We take photos make videos give surf reports and pretty much that is all we do.  We don’t candy coat reports, save orphans, build roofs on churches, or try to sell you Costa Rican  soil. We simply are a community of photographers and artist who have a pure passion for surfing,photography, and video.  So thanks for checking us out we take pride in being the “Black Sheep” of  Nosara.  So now for the report:

Waist high at best with some chest high sneakers and a crowd full of surf students. Glassy and low tide.  Sounds like heaven right? ummm okay maybe not. Alfredo and I decided to take some stupid photos to fill our society’s narcissistic needs. I have hear rumor that our photography is complete shit and our videos look like poop and we are too artsy for the community here. With that said we have decided to start photographing each other every day and no one else . We might throw some dogs in there, but for the most part it will be zoomed in photos of us doing turns to make us feel like in another life we could have been UBER 1337 at surfing.Okay well that would get even boring to us , so We’re happy to be back “PAYING THE BILLS” . Ask around what paying the billz is about or visit our Girl’s Page…. Oh yea Swell head on Wednesday 220 and good size. Could be fun if Offshores blow hard enough to keep the waves from closing out. Tides are right for venturing to that secret spot.

Peace and Anarchy / Paz Y Anarquía ~graham

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