Waves are waist high with some chest high sets and lots of tourist in the water. We’re stoked to have you guys checking out the Shack. In less than one month Senior Photographer Matt Vaughan will rejoin us in our quest to rid this country of worthless surf sites that wreck the soul of surfing. Matt Vaughan is Godlike!. They are even going to dedicate a holiday to his name here in Costa Rica. Seriously though, Great Surf Photographer and photographer in general. I photographed a ton of weddings last season with him and we’ve already started booking this year as well. So if you’re thinking about wedding photography or commercial photography let us know. or check out

OUR SURF MOVIE Finding Utopia news… What? no, I sure as hell didn’t forget about it. I’ve just been waiting for a few stellar days of surf to put the finishing touches on it. We’ve even got a Surf Clothing Sponsor working with us. Effin serious! I can’t share that many details but let’s just say we should be gearing up some of the best surfers in town with this stuff…. Anyone coming this way with one of the new Gopro HD2 give us a buzz. We are dying to see the quality which is suppose to be 2xs as crisp and we would even consider using… Would love to have one for some slow motion scenes in the movie..

Swell, nope nothing in the works til end of the weekend. Sure we will have a few days of chest high stuff but nothing spectacular. Novembers and Decembers are usually the flattest months of the year with the most people. Yup, I said it. I might ruin tourism for this country now!!! Well, none-the-less it’s still a great time to be here and not somewhere cold. Flat also means ridable in these parts. Enjoy the week.

NosaraShack Top 10 things to do in Nosara
10. Flip off a NosaraShack Photographer!
9. Get stoney and stare at the mushroom on top of Hotel Nosara
8. Use a Machete
7. Drink a Pipa
6. Catch a Crack Head robbing your house
5. Bon Fire
4. Experience Tropicana
3. Eat Gallo Pinto
2. Get Shagged by a Tica/Tico
1. Get Shacked


Enjoy the photos from Tico Staff Photographer ALfredo Barquero

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