Nov 22nd “Bro did you see my spray?”

Nope, I was to busy photographing micro-waves says Alfredo. Tons of photos from today from both staff photographers Candice Storm and Alfredo are being uploaded to the Smugmug galleries for your viewing pleasure. If you decide to buy some, well that’s cool too! Did you know our photographers get %100 percent of sales? Yup, has never taken a dime from anyone working with us. We treat artist the way they should be treated because hell, in return they keep the stoke on this badass website!.. WEll, I think it’s pretty badass but maybe that’s just me. I mean name one other site in Costa Rica that looks anything like this. SURF IN SURF OUT! Not cluttered with a bunch of crap. We clutter our facebook fan page with all the ads you would normally see on this site. That’s how we pay our bills. I found a reason for facebook after all these years…. šŸ™‚

Surf stuff.. Hum, how do I say this without sounding like an asshole? “COMPLETE POOP!” okay, maybe it’s not that bad but it damn sure gets a lot better in these parts with a lot less people in the water. Tides are running mid in the mornings and evenings but it’s not really helping the micro swell we have in the water. Look for the size to stay chest high with some bigger sets into the late weekend and keep them fingers crossed for an EPIC next week.. Wishful thinking but what does it hurt! Peace and Love, Anarchy and Kisses, Do something nice for someone other than yourself at least once during the week. Could start a chain reaction and the world would have a lot less assholes in it.

Enjoy Alfredo photos. Alfredo started photography with us a couple of years ago and he still continues to develop his own style. Great person, sick ass photos . Super humble and listens to Metal Music.. 2 Things that are hard to find anywhere in the world… Support your local photographer. I would love to see this kid go places with his talent.

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