Nov 23 ‘Dropping quickly”

Today's Tide - Nosara Time Times for Nosara

Low 4:33AM 0.5m
High 10:45AM 2.3m
Low 4:48PM 0.5m
High 11:14PM 2.5m
First Light 5:17AM
Sunrise 5:39AM
Sunset 5:19PM
Last Light 5:41PM

Size is dropping quickly and it doesn’t look like anything is coming our way any time soon.It should drop down to waist / stomach for the weekend and next week. Today is chest to head high , clean and offshore conditions. Winds are a little funky switching around and the tide is high making for long rides and really soft walls. Stop by Monkey Quads if you’re in the area and say hello. We are located steps away from the main break.

Enjoy the weekend,

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