Okay so here’s the scoop. Early morning the Viento de Navidad is blowing so hard the surf is suffering. It seems to back off around 9ish and by about 10 it’s on fire. WE didn’t photograph many free surfing today because we have a big group of clients but I can honestly say 11am was on fire. Very good form and super glassy with some nice wedges and greenrooms. Head high and bigger on the sets. It looks to be the same for tomorrow then dropping for a few days and then increasing again. It’s a good time to venture north if you want it even bigger and hollow!

T-shirts >> Wahoo, I put in an order for our new tshirts and hats so we could have them in time before Christmas. Artwork is done by our good friend surf artist ANdrew Jacob on one of the prints (sick stuff!). The other is a kewl Shack and logo. We have a great variety of colors and the material is superior quality. Wim from Hang 10 designs will be creating them along with some cool hats which use our photos. I will post photos when they arrive. We wanted shirts that people wanted to wear and not just a shirt with a logo. I am very happy with the samples so far.

Thanks for checking out the Shack and be sure to bookmark us. The reports come later in the evenings due to the fact I am the only one wanting and knowing how to update the site and at the moment I am a little overwhelmed with things. So please be patient and understanding or you can always visit our highly controversial Facebook fan page (top of this page).

I would also like to take a moment and thank all of our new sponsors. Century21nosara, Nameste Oasis, Monkey Quads, La Costa Realty, Casa Las Olas, Tica Massage, Casa Romantica, Drifter’s Kayak, Coldwell Bankers for helping keep us in business. These are some of the most established businesses in this area and if we didn’t highly recommend them we wouldn’t have listed them. We will be adding a new sponsor page to the site in the days to come.

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