Nov 4 “Go Surf”

Well I posted a twitter after surfing last night saying the surf conditions might be on time tomorrow morning and for once in my life I was correct. Even with the high tide, the long lines were very workable to the inside section for some shacks, airs, wipeouts, and whatever ur into. Head high with some bigger sets and pretty easy. Look for a really good evening unless a storm or something causes side shore winds. Good news is we should have surf for a long time with some good size too. The bad news is Alfredo Barquero didn’t get to surf today but instead was forced to bring you the beautiful photos you see below. Alfredo started using my camera a couple of years ago and his photography has evolved into what you see. I have never met a cooler and more honest person. Truly a pleasure having him a part of this website. book him for a private session .

Enjoy the weekend! ~graham

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