Nov 5 ” Holy Crap it’s Good!, Holy Crap it’s Crowded”

Head high plus and super soft making for a perfect wave if you’ve got little testicles and want to be a big wave surfer. Really slow and long lines coming in. It looks like the swell should peak this evening into tomorrow so look for another great evening weather permitting. Monday should we should start to see a rapid decline in the size but should remain in the chest high conditions for the most part of next week. Congrats to Kevin Montiel who is featured in most of our report photos. He will be representing Costa Rica as well as Nosara in the Reef Centro America contest. Good solid surfer and a super cool grom. I am sure he will do us proud. Thanks to everyone checking out the Shack. We aim to please and we love photos and video. MORE SURF LESS BULLSHIT!! Enjoy the weekend and be sure to say thanks to Tico Staff photographer ALFREDO BARQUERO.

ALSO Check out this Monday for a photo of a Nosara Local Shredder. Photo credit yet again Alfredo Barquero.. Paz y Anarchy ~graham

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