Nov 9 “Sunshine, Offshores, and Alfredo Barquero”

Alfredo Barquero is the tico you see on the beach taking photos and videos for Nosara Shack. No, he’s not the imposter hired to look like him he’s the guy with the big Skull Candy head phones on that is listening to Metal Music while he photographs you. Two years ago I noticed he understood technology better than anyone around and while teaching a small photography seminar he decided to attended and amazed me at how well he comprehended cameras. The rest was history. Two years later he’s still kicking. When he’s not surfing he can be behind the lens or on the computer editing photos. It’s his life. It’s our life and this is how we survive. We love photography and I hope it shows in our work. We ask anyone wanting professional photography to consider booking us for private sessions. This way we’re sure to get every turn or air you do. BOOK NOW!  or,, or after Dec 20th  We also put together short videos edited of your session to your choice of tunes.  Thanks for checking out the SHACK.

SURF TODAY is small but fun. Offshore wind and low tide making for some nice sections to get slotted/shacked/tubed/barreled/greenroomed/ or whatever you call it. Surf should continue to build into the weekend and Alfredo will be in the middle of the action South at the contest in Camaronal. Say hello if you’re there.

Enjoy the weekend! Tuanis,g




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