November 10 2010 “Fun in the Sun”

A little smaller than yesterday but still super clean this morning with great light for photos. We have a ton of pictures from Alfredo today in our SmugMug Galleries.We sell them super cheap. It seems people have begun to think we do our job for free but I can assure you if local photographers (including James at surfingnosara) got together and stop giving away photos people would be in an outrage. Meaning, Support your local photographers even if you’re TICO. Word of mouth is our style. You like having free photos? We like being able to eat. I’m trying to help Alfredo buy a new “used” board and one day maybe even have enough money to have his own gear.  Click the link at the top of the page or in the “Find your surf photos” section of the menu to see full content. Surf in the waist to chest high will remain this way into the weekend. Check the forecast page for more information and be sure to enjoy your day.

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