November 14 2010 “Light Offshores”

Surf started a little sick this morning and kept getting better even though the tide was full. Lots of people in the lineup and Alfredo rode Kevin’s 5 4 Firewire and threw more spray than I thought was possible.  People started evacuating the beach because they thought it was a tsunami. Find your photos in the Link at the top of the page. Enjoy this Sunday, Share some waves longboarders!

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3 thoughts on “November 14 2010 “Light Offshores””

  1. 由于我完全不同观测,一些专业词汇就看的似懂非懂的。所以想请教一下下面这句话的正确的翻译:”Mass loss from cool giants and supirgeants is evidenced by P Cygni profiles in optical spectra, by the 10 μm silicate feature in IR spectra, and by maser line emission from OH and other molecules in radio-frequency spectra.“

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