Oct 21 ” Cloudy but fun shorebreak”

I would give the shorebreak a rating of 7 out of 10. Lining up really well for some super fun sections. It’s nice, this is what Playa Guiones would look like minus 10000 surf schools in the water. Yea I know, shut up already graham…. Anyways I took photos for about an hour before I went and got in on the action. Looks like Alfredo will take the camera to Carrillo tomorrow to photograph the contest. Should be a fun time for everyone so stay posted for that stuff tmorrow. As for the weather and conditions,Um.. who knows? looks like the rain started again but it doesn’t seem to want to stay. we shall see. Surf size isn’t that great either but considering most of us have been in the house for the last two weeks it’s worth the paddle out.

Good season coming up. We got tons of cool things headed ur way. We have a full staff of photographers waiting to ruin anyone’s chance of making a living via photography in PLaya GUiones. Cutting our own throats.. This is our style.. SO why do we have so many photographers? Um, well I would rather have them working with me than against me and oh did I mention we love photography and everything about it. Yup, we actually get off looking at each other’s work. Hard to believe it’s not about the money right? Cause we damn sure don’t make much…. Matt Vaughan, Alfredo Barquero, Candice Storm, Myself and our special 11 year old wonderboy Sammy will take turns bringing you tons of material… With that said can I hypocritically sell you some photo ad space on our facefart page? We take daily photos which reach thousands of viewers daily. Add your custom text and watermark to the bottom and BAM! Some of the best advertising in this area you can get.. OH and another fact.. OUR FANS ARE ACTUALLY OUR FANS.. We didn’t pay a programmer to get us 20,000 friends who know nothing about this area. So the fans who see this have an actual relationship with Nosara Costa RIca, verses let’s say, a fan base in India. surf@nosarashack.com if interested.

Have a great effin day! Paz y Anarchy ~graham

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