Oct 24 “Shake it up”

We experienced one hell of an aftershock last night and it looks like the other side of the Caribbean plate was rocking today. The one last night was around 6.6 and stuck around for a while. The one in the Caribbean was 5.4  located in the Cayman Islands. One thing i get tired of hearing is “You must not be from California or you would be use to this”- fact is I have spent plenty time in California and never felt a 7.6 followed by thousand of aftershocks and then another 6.6 in the mix so no it scares the shit out of me and most of the people living in this area, even the ones from California.  Things are rocking and there is no way in hell anyone can predict if we are in for another big one. Although Extra Newspaper Costa Rica did in fact predict this 6.6 in a recent issue and its prediction was almost to the dime.

I spent this evening taking damage footage. I took video of a friend’s house almost broken in half after yesterday’s quake. Anyone in the area is advised to always have a plan.. I mean the last thing you want to have to do is drive to la bomba to get gas in the middle of the night after one of these. If there is a major quake rest assured there will be no power or gas or no one to help you evacuate. Keep 1/4 of a tank at min  is what I would recommend. Always have a bag ready to go and a clear exit.  For more info google earthquake preparation and what to do during.

Surf today is nothing worth doing a report over. We are partly sunny with occasional showers. Other than the aftershocks we’re in a beautiful time of the year. We are pleased to be opening the office in November. Thanks for checking out Nosarashack.com! -graham

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