Oct 27 ” Just keeps getting better”

Surf seemed okay this morning about 7:30am . Alfredo went out while I took some photos. Surf was fun looking but at about 10am it started getting even better. Super light winds early morning with clean conditions that kept getting cleaner. High high on the sets but sets are few and far between. Looks lke we might get some showers tomorrow but keep ur fingers crossed for the weather predictions to be wrong. Swell headed this way next week around Wednesday which looks to be a good size. Maybe we can score some other spots if you’re getting bored of seeing Guiones. thanks for checking out Nosara Shack.com . We are a community of photographers and surfers who are dedicated to keeping you stoked via our videos/photos/reports and whatever. Enjoy the rest of the week and be sure to bookmark the site. Surf@nosarashack.com for any questions. We use our hardworking photo skillz to not only sell photos but also to sell watermark photo ads. These were designed by us to help cut down on freeloading as well as advertise the hell out of your business or event. Get on board if you haven’t already…. Each photo gets thousands upon thousands of views and keeps circulating for the life of the photo on facebook. Visit our facebook fan page to see them live in action or click on the advertising link above for samples and pricing. Paz y Anarchy ~graham

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