Oct 28 “Small and Fun”

Surf is running waist to chest high and really glassy early morning. Light to no wind.  As of report time the rain started but by the time I finished it had stopped. Expect the weather to be like this for the next few days. If you were one who surfed yesterday evening , what  a SCORE! Surf has been super fun last few evenings with the tide being a tad higher. Looking forward we have a drop in size and low tides early morning the next few days until next wednesday when a new swell approaches. Keep your fingers crossed for a cool little video clip.

Today’s sunlight was insane for photography. Very little haze in the air made for some quality stuff. If you’re interested in booking Nosara Shack to capture your surf adventure please give us a buzz. Our new manager is Candice Storm. She simply tells us where to go and when. We are her little photography bitches!! Rates are listed below and photos are from our report. These daily photos will be in our smugmug galleries by the end of the day. (Click find your photos  at the top for more info).. Get on board with our facebook watermark advertising. It’s the best way to reach thousands upon thousands of people coming to and associated with Nosara Costa Rica. We are very proud to say that our fan base consist of actual people and not programming hacks adding 20,000 fans in India who know nothing about us. Check em out and see for yourself!! Paz y Anarchy ~graham

Our Gear:
3 x Nikon Digital SLR cameras
1 Canon 60D
1x 400mmm 4.5 Simga lens
3x500mm Sigma 4.5 lens
1x10mm wideangle tamaron lens and various others for weddings etc.
1x goprohd with underwater housing
Nikon d5000 HD SLR , D90, D7000
Canon 60D



2011-2012 RATES

Private Sessions

1hr $50 per person

1 hr  groups of 3-4 people $100

1hr groups of 5 or more people $25 per person

FREE SURFING RATES (photos that are not booked from private sessions)

Daily photography rates
Folder of images $30

Weekly photography rates
All folder in a week $75

Monthly photography rates
All images $150

Video rates:

Go proHD flat fee 1 hr combined with DSLR HD video fee 1hr $100 Customer gets edited video with photography included

Wanna book a private session in Guiones, Ostional, Garza, or other surrounding beaches?

No problem, simply shoot us an email or call with the preferred date and time and number of people.

surf@nosarashack.com or

Contact Candice Storm 8622-4890

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