Oct 3 “Smaller than yesterday”

Surf is running a little smaller in size but the local crew had no problems taking the right equipment out. Logs and Dogs, Chicks with sticks, can be seen in our report today. Enjoy the photos because I bust my ass everyday in the hot sun doing them. I can honestly say I do love what I do though.. Oh and if it seems the pictures are crisp again. It’s because we got new gear and cleaned the old gear.

A few things:

swell coming Wednesday and it looks to be pretty good. I am dying to make a new video but need something quality to film.

As for “Finding Utopia” , Almost done! YEEHAW, I am busting my brain trying to finish up the little things but it’s a never ending process. I ended up with a ton more footage than I thought I had. Imagine trying to squeeze two hours of Pavones footage into 4 mins.. Yup now you feel my pain…

Lot’s of exciting things to keep you stoked this year. Rather than being another gringo full of empty promises I will just say wait and see what we have in store. No, we’re not going to start a charity to dodge paying taxes (our motto is help people because you want to help not because you desire praise) nor do we plan on having bill billboards cluttered with shit saying how cool we are. We simply plan on consuming you’re mind with creative artsy surfy shitz.

We welcome Candice Storm to our staff of photographers. We will also have Alfredo Barquero back in the field as well as Matt Vaughan and myself. We take pride in doing what we know and doing what we love in the name of surfing and nothing else.

Enjoy the day~! Graham

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