Oct 6 2011 “Big N Juicy… just like we like our pay the bills section”

Surf today is 2 foot then a big 10 foot set rolls in. Double overhead on the sets a little soft on the take offs but workable to a fast closing out section. Some of the chargers are making it look easy. This swell isn’t quality by any means but it is holding up a lot better than some of the other swells from this angle. I took a ton of photos which I put in our smugmug gallery. The rest can be seen below. Looks like we should have waves the rest of the week and into next week where it looks even bigger. That could all change though. Good news is the sun is shining bright and the early morning offshore winds have started to blow. Alfredo says it might mean the US gets a really cold winter on the east coast again when this happens this early in the season.. Let’s hope not.
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Quote of the day:
I hate when I wish on a star only to realize afterward that I just wished on an airplane.
– unknown

ENJOY THE DAY ! ~graham



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