Oct 7 2011 “Big Ballz”

Surf has size again today. A little smaller than yesterday but big enough to make ur ballz shake if you caught the right one (although the girl in the water charged harder than almost everyone).I would give the conditions a rating of fair to good. It’s not really closing out that bad today.

Looks like size should drop a little into the weekend with this 220 swell and another one should venture this way early week at about 230. Seems like it’s a damn good time to be in Playa Guiones. Taking advantage of no surf schools in the water is an absolute gift from god and the fact that locals are actually speaking Spanish makes you feel like you’re in Costa Rica. October ROCKS! We might not be making any income but who the hell needs money when you have waves! My wife is Latina. We can eat beans and rice for months and never get sick of it!! WOOT! Pura Vida, Tuanis, Paz y Amor. Thanks for checking out Nosara Shack and if you’re a surf student don’t be offended by my comments. I have a bad sense of humor and no friends but I do like to take photos… 🙂




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