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Nosara is located about 15 minutes drive (depending on road conditions) from the nearest beaches. We are located in GUANACASTE a couple of hours South from Liberia and Tamarindo and about 4 hours  from San Jose give or take depending on roads. We have an airport and two airlines XXXXX and Sansa with flights to and from San Jose.

The main beaches are Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada. People often get confused looking for Nosara but 9 times out of 10 you’re looking for Playa Guiones. Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada connect with a natural trail  at the North end of Guiones. Guiones is about 3 miles of beach and Pelada is about 1 mile. Guiones gets consistent waves years round and Pelada only during heavy swells and the right tides. Guiones has a tendency to get crowded during peak seasons but because the beach is so long you can always find a spot to yourself. Pelada is more of a localized break and also a point break good for only a handful of surfers at one time before it gets crowded. Unexperienced Surfers shouldn’t even bother surfing Pelada. It is filled with reef and can be a little territorial at times. Anyone can surf Guiones. It has been marketed as the to go to spot for surf schools.

Rental prices in Guiones are almost double the prices in Pelada. Both are equally situated in ideal locations for surfers on either beach. Pelada is more of a Costa Rica vibe. Guiones is more of a “We love tourist, give me your money” vibe. Guiones has more stores, shops, and nightlife. Pelada has more sunsets. Pelada has hills and mountains for lodging.

Picking a place to stay in either location is entirely up to you. Some prefer solitude and a Costa Rican feel. Others want to be close to the action. Click our Vacation Rentals page to start your search.  For more solitude consider Garza, Esperanza, or Las huacas, all are with-in a 15min drive to the beaches.

Surf Conditions



High Season Fun
Hot, heavy crowds fleeing from the cold in other countries, but the winds are offshore almost every morning and sometimes the entire day.


Welcome South Swells
South Swells, Evening Showers, Bigger Waves, less people,


Rain Rain go Away
Hit or miss rainy seasons. Could be hard rains for days or it could be sunny.


Surrounding Beaches:
Ostional – heavy and hollow 30mins North of Nosara

Marbella – hollow and fun 45mins North of Nosara

Camaronal- heavy with a long left and a good right. 45-1hr South of Nosara

Things to do: Surf, Rodeos,Turtles, Canopy, Monkey Quad Tour, howling Monkey adventure, Tattoos, Bars, Discos, Waterfall,horseback, Lagarta tour,snorkel, offshore fishing, fishing at la boca,passout in a hammock, and much more  .. Be sure to stop by nosarashack.com to say hello!

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