Photo Stories with Graham Swindell May 4, 2015

Nosara Shack’s Photo Stories blog was created to put a little more meaning back into photography in a world where our photos seem to lose their value thanks to social monsters like Facebook and Instagram. Take a minute and read about what went into the shot and why this particular photo means something to us.

I started taking photos being a sunset whore and I am not ashamed to admit it.  I took this photo about 8 years ago when I first moved to Playa Pelada. Anyone who has had the privilege of seeing a sunset here knows that this beach is packed full of photo opportunities every angle you look and for sunset junkies it’s a must in Guanacaste.

Probably my favorite break in Guanacaste. It is wider than it is tall.  I was shooting for SUP Magazine and saw this short boarder getting a little backside shack.  Background , Foreground and subject to me make this a great photo.  Throw some birds in the mix and there ya go! To see more from this trip wait for the June 2015 issues of SUP MAGAZINE and the Movie Series that goes along with it.

Hardest shot to get in surfing is a speed blur. To get a speed blur you have to have every element in your favor and it has to be done in the near dark or at dark. Glassy wave, Perfect tripod pan, steady hand and luck are what is needed. I suck at speed blurs but I am learning.


I photograph rich people’s houses from Las Huacas all the time with views like this. This particular view was from a swimming pool situated high in the mountains overlooking the main break of playa Guiones.

Want some Tico Culture? Visit La Boca on a Sunday when the fish are biting. Anyone who has ever tried a hand line knows the skill you must possess to do this. It ain’t easy. I sat next to twenty Ticos one time fishing with a rod n reel and didn’t get one bite while they were pulling in red snapper by the dozens with these things.

Another view from a house I was photographing near playa Guiones.  Sadly someone felt the need to rent their space in front to ICE (a 3g cell tower) which completely destroyed both the value of the house and the view.

hard working Mexicans in Costa Rica playing Mariachi . Quick to take your cash and play a tune for you. I was testing out some flash stuff during sunset and needed some models. One song cost me 6 bucks…Geeze, I better sell this as a stock photo to someone.

Vibert is another one of my favorite surfers to watch and photograph. He is not afraid to go above the lip and usually sticks with it when most would bail.


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