Sept 19 ” Lonely Lineup Loving”

Really digging the lineup these days with only a handful of people.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy making money off of surf schools but it’s so nice to get a break from 1000 beginners in the mix. Oh, did I say that out loud? I guess I did… ANyways, Guiones is looking a little more back to normal today. I noticed a 10 foot high tide brought water near the edge again. It’s still about 6 feet off from the past years but looks to be a little more like its old self. I guess it’s safe to say the wave out front is a tad steeper with a little more punch but it’s going to take some nice swell and building of sandbars to see if it’s worth bragging about. I did notice a few other spots in the area that have really turned on with the recent rise in the beach. Yea, we had an earthquake but you wouldn’t know it.  The past couple of days have been full of really hard storms dumping tons of rain on Nosara. We need it so that’s good too. Enjoy the week and keep checking back . Surf is chest to head and semi-clean. Evening session was super fun with long lines and mushy.. Reminded me of the hurley pro minus all the rippers 🙂

Paz y amor- graham











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