Sept 29 “Gray Day”

Crap for lighting as far as photography goes today but the good news is the waves are still pretty fun. Clean,Chest high and closing out for the most part, but every once and a while a nice nugget will pull through. It’s nice seeing Alfredo surfing South end. This is the only time of year he migrates this way. During high season the main peak is full of Surf Schools pushing noobs into waves and tourist wanting to have their photo taken. It’s a catch 22 in our eyes but hell we learned to live with it a long time ago.

I have good news for anyone interested in our Surf Film “Finding Utopia”  It’s almost ready and I’m pretty stoked on it.  I decided to keep it around 30 mins and cater to what is true to myself and nosara shack photographers. That being making a movie about surfing using what we see everyday through our lens.  There will be some great surfing and a few Costa Rican Pros but it’s mostly beautiful landscapes, people, and great surfing by everyone .

We’re proud to say we’re still the same assholes who joke greedy gringos and make fun of our competition exploiting what we love to do while trying to turn the beautiful country of Costa Rica into South Florida.  We have no intentions on being politically correct and candy coating surf conditions and the reality of living in this area. With that said, enjoy the end of our rainy season as we approach high season and look forward to tons of photos , tons of videos, a movie, bathing beauties, and more! Tuanis, Paz y Amor! ~graham


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