Wavehunt During a Massive South

When the news of a 5-6 foot 22 second South Swell hit I was overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation that this was going to be epic and that all of my surf photography dreams were going to come true. It was after 3 days of driving around trying to find coves and unexposed spots that I realized that, like many other large Souths, this one wasn’t going to offer much more than gigantic close-outs and empty lineups. None-the-less, Mother Nature still continues to impress.

During the peak of the swell I was able to capture the below photos. The surf continues to pump and the rapid decrease in size will probably bring about the best conditions for us here in Guanacaste. Thanks to my buddy Scott McDowell for dragging me along for the adventure.

-Graham Swindell

Punta Islita  was almost completely flat but every 15mins these would roll through. Problem was most of them were giant close-outs but from this angle it looked like perfection.

Guiones North seemed to have this one particular spot that was top to bottom with great shack sections that are not so common in these parts. Only one taker on this one.

Garza at 6-8 foot  shore break was probably your best bet right after an early morning high tide.  If you have the balls the outer reefs were working as was the secret spot.

Another Garza gem. Keep in mind it is normally 2 foot here.

Carrillo doing what it does during Large Swells!

The road to Camaronal was closed so we had to drive around the long way. Tide was high so I can only imagine what it would be like during a low tide.

A set wave looking like a monster in the real. No takers here either.

The left a Cami

Outer Reef Islita. Never seen it surfed but was definitely offering a little left nugget this day.

Shorebreak at Punta Islita


Empty Green Room.

Locals in the lineup.

These were coming in one after the other.

Too fast for humans but not my shutter!


Thanks for reading this article. Go Surf!


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